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Money Saving Tips to Revamp Your Garden

Everyone likes to have a nice home and garden, but it a garden design can be costly. It is easy to do your own garden tidy up and get rid of waste and rubbish, but it is the decorative items that cost.  For most people, the garden can be low on their priorities list when it comes to furnishings. There are lots of ideas to revamp items you may already have, but without breaking the bank balance in buying new items. Here are some money saving tips to get a lovely garden sorted to enjoy at any time of the year.

Take a look
Spend time outdoors in looking at what you already have outside. Though a garden clean up is essential before any work to get rid of broken and useless things, you could take time to salvage things that are still in one piece but could possibly look good again with some paint or wood stain. Old pots, containers and furniture can easily be painted or stained and given a new look. Too many people get rid of these things just because they look tired and worn out. It is so easy to refresh almost anything with the good choice of paints, stains and coatings that are around today in DIY stores. Even broken items can be mended, and in doing this you are recycling and protecting the environment.

Shopping cheap
If you are on a limited budget and don’t have a lot of gardening accessories, instead of buying new why not look at other ways of getting hold of some? It is good to buy some new tools, and there are many discount stores that sell these types of goods and also extras such as kneeling pads, gloves, BBQ sets, picnic sets, weed killers, and lawn care products. It is worth shopping around in these shops rather than in costly home and garden stores that are always more expensive. They may not be as good quality but they will get you started. You will also find cheap planters, bird feeders and compost in these stores. Spend time and look at these stores; it is amazing what they sell nowadays. Other good places to find gardening equipment are car boot sales, local classified adverts and garage sales. Some people throw out good quality tools and gardening extras. These places are great ways of getting cheap home and garden tools and accessories. Also, at the end of the season many shops sell gardening tools and furniture at discount prices, so they are always worth a look. Plants and lawn care products can also be bought in these sales. There is also the internet; online companies are competitive and can also offer good value for money on various gardening products.

Reuse what you have
Gardening on a budget can be fun and you can put your individual theme on it. You could use unwanted items from the home, such as plastic bottles, colanders, jars, toy boxes and washing up bowls as planters if you are on a tight budget. Many items from the home can be turned into planters for flowers and vegetables. There are some excellent online sites that supply hundreds of money saving tips on getting a stunning garden by reusing what you have or are about to throw out. With a little imagination, you can renovate your outdoor area, giving it a new look which doesn’t cost the Earth. 

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